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The GIFT Festival is an annual celebration bringing the best of the visiting arts
in Tbilisi, as well as leading our country’s unique cultural profile
internationally. Since its inception the Gift Festival hosted more than 300
international visiting groups and companies and yet remains as one of the major
platform in Caucasus for international exchange and cooperation.

With the great past of the Gift Festival, founded in 1997 by the International Board
of Directors of Edinburgh, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth International Arts
Festivals and up to date being supported by Peter Brook, Sasha Waltz, Vanessa
Redrgave, Michael kahn, Andron Konchalowski, and many other thespians and
luminaries of the world drama, it  was banned due to political repression towards opposition point of view of its actual organizer, founder and Artistic Director Keti Dolidze in 2007, which
revived only 5 years later in 2013 after contra-revolution in power, but yet
prevailing over power politics in development process of the culture policy in
Georgia.  Therefore openness, democratic and comprehensive selection of the Festival Program and cooperation with the Georgian Arts Institutions is fundamental, as by advancing capacity to be
equally skilled for European partnership in legal or in other specific aspects
is crucial, which will also support the Georgian culture to communicate and
share its voice Globally.

Georgian International Festival of Arts GIFT in Tbilisi in honor of Mikhail Tumanishvili every year
delivers to the Georgian theatergoers and the art-lover audience the range of
endeavour which will promote European understanding through excellent culture.  The Gift festival
is usually boasting several grand openings at every new addition, running over
a month and celebrating two decades of the festival which, according to the
British press  “like all great festivals –including Edinburgh, at its magnificent best – is about these mutual
acts of giving; allowing the great tradition of Georgian theatre to give itself
to the world, and demonstrating to this great and beautiful city that the world
does not always arrive to invade and conquer, but sometimes comes to sing,
laugh, weep and celebrate, to heal the wounds of history, and to face the
future together.” Joyce McMillan, Chief Theatre Critic. Scotsman, UK

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