GIFT Festival Folk Party

November 4

Sardinian Folk Group "TENORE MURALES"

Boy Ensemble of Georgian Traditional Polyphony ADILEI

A Girl Choir of Chanters IALONI



Have you ever heard Sardinian polyphonic singing, one of the most typical cultural manifestations of Sardinia? Phenomenon of vocal polyphony, as a unique type of musical texture baring similarities between singing culture of two nations is rarely met in the world. Therefore the GIFT Festival has a great honor to host "TENORE MURALES" Sardinic folk music group to our festival and once again listen to the songs sung by the lead vocalists consisting of metrical and rhymed poems in Sardinian language about various themes: love, social life, politics, religion etc. The name of the group "TENORE MURALES" evokes the modern phenomenon of mural painting developed in Orgosolo (Sardinia) since the early 70s, as like to the artists, the freedom of expression on crucial issues has always been predominant to the singers.

In 2005, it was declared by UNESCO an intangible humanity heritage, since it represents the typical musical expression of our communities. Similar to the Georgian singing belongs to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (originally proclaimed in 2001).


Phenomenon of vocal polyphony, as a unique type of musical texture, is rarely met baring similarities between singing culture of two nations. Indeed, there truly exist several myths about Georgian and Sardinian bond and relevance bearing certain characteristics shared by the Georgian and Sardinian polyphonic music, pastoral culture, folklore, legends etc. that are themselves astonishing. Thefore it is rare opportunity to present together the Georgian-Sardinian vocal synergy to Tbilisi guests and our wider audience by inviting their young Georgian colleagues from the folklore group "Adilei" and a girl choir of Chanters IALONI to join the concert. Followed by the GIFT Festival Arts Craft Show the evening promises to create an unforgettable sensation for Tbilisi audience!

The name of the group evokes the modern phenomenon of mural painting developed in Orgosolo. The village of Orgosolo is located about 17 miles from Nuoro, the capital of the province. Despite the geological seclusion, the murals have tremendously rich content, from countryside view to global history. Francesco Del Casino will be the instigator of most paintings of the village of Orgosolo. The early works were carried out by his students. Even though many kinds of topics were introduced by replicating some iconic images from Guernica by Picasso, or Juan Miro’s works, but political and religious events are still the major topics of the mural, retelling the history of Modern Italy.  Established in 1991 year “TENORE MURALES” are inducing the same sensation and promising the Georgian folklorists and general public an unforgettable evening.


Founded in 2012 by the friends in love with Gurian singing, the group was named according to the Gurian journey song ADILEI as it reflected spirit of the company.
Adilei’s core value lies in personal connections between the members of the group, the larger community, and our ancestors. Our aim is to help make the folk songs and chants more ubiquitous and encourage singing as an everyday practice. We tend to sing spontaneously and try to improvise and come up with our own variants of songs within the established tradition. Most of our repertoire comes from Georgia’s Western provinces.

Since 2009, the Ensemble Ialoni actively studies and popularizes the Georgian traditional ecclesiastic chant and the townsfolk music. The group won the first place in the nomination: the best women’s folk ensemble at National Folklore Festival of Georgia (2015-2016). In 2017, the group won the grand prix at the Tbilisi Competition of Choral Music in the nomination of Georgian traditional chant as well as the first place and gold medal in the Georgian traditional song.

Since 2018 Ialoniis a partner of London’s Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance as well as of the ensemble Maspindzeli studying the Georgian polyphony and the Cambridge group Chela - in terms of sharing the experience, holding masterclasses and joint concerts for the international students and funs of the Georgian music.

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