Benefactors and Donors make a significant impact on our work. As a response we are ready to offer them a range of innovative partnership and membership opportunities with tailored benefits to suit your business requirements.

We believe that the art is the competitive advantage for business. It can inspire employees, stimulate innovation and foster creative collaboration. This will support to enhance your brand and reach new customers and importantly our partnership will help us build a sustainable cultural ecosystem through advancing high-impact partnerships between business, entrepreneurs and the arts.

The Gift festival has been demonstrating creative excellence for 22 years already. The quality of product has turned into a main feature of our festival program. Our festival has been shaped into an open, influential platform bringing the very best international arts to the audiences across the region, setting a new concept for Culture as an instrument for European values, democracy, social inclusion, solidarity and justice. Therefore better product positioning is our strategic objective to bit the competition and discover new target segments in already overcrowded market.


Make a donation 1000 GEL to the GIFT Festival Club and enjoy the following benefits:


We would like to thank all those who support us and if you would like to find out more about how you can join us please email to:


Please note:
Any amounts given over and above this benefits value are given freely as a donation and are eligible for Gift Aid.