Dear friends,

We invite you to become a member of the  Georgian International Festival of Arts GIFT CLUB in Tbilisi in honor of Michael Tumanishvili and Enjoy priority booking, special events, and other behind-the-scenes benefits, whilst supporting our work!

In order to support us present this world-class event year on year and to offer to our wide audiences the greatest art work traveling along the prestigious European Arts Festivals we look very much forward to your engagement and participation.

…and importantly: to attend the latest artistic achievement presented by the best performances by the festival season! 

Annual membership fee for the Gift Festival Club is 200 GEL 
And the benefits of the card are worth paying it!!


Benefits include:


Your contribution to the cultural, social, education and economic well-being of our country through gifts of artistry will be your input into a great international collaboration and investment in re-establishment of our city as the oldest culture hub in Caucasus.

If you require any more information about the Membership please contact us on
(+995) 555 455 843  or email: