Crossroads to Synchronicity

15,16 November. Rustaveli Theatre. 20.00

Crossroads to Synchronicity



(For 6 dancers. Production Autumn 2017)
Performed by 6 of the company’s leading figures, this work inspired by Carl Jung lays bare the vital aspirations that inspire us and explores these strange coincidences that resonate in us with such intensity. A clock that stops when a beloved father passes away. An encounter that changes a destiny…

Upon video images, directed by the choreographer, the 6 dancers plunge into deep waters of danger, rebellion, love, loss, regrets and madness.

Choreography & images conception | Carolyn Carlson, in collaboration with the performers
Choreographic assistant | Henri Mayet
Rehearsal assistant | Colette Malye

Light creation | Rémi Nicolas

Performers | Juha Marsalo, Riccardo Meneghini, Céline Maufroid, Isida Micani, Yutaka Nakata, Sara Orselli

Creation and musical advice | Nicolas de Zorzi
Musics | John Adams, Ry Cooder, Bon Iver, Tom Waits, Laurie Anderson, Alela Diane, Jean Sibelius, Clint Mansell, Bob Dylan, Gavin Bryars, Bruce Springsteen, Henry Purcell

Costumes | Elise Dulac and Emmanuelle Geoffroy, with the help of Colette Perray, Léa Drouault, Cécile Pineau
Painting of the decor | Cédric Carré

Duration | 72 minutes

In homage to John Davis

Production | Carolyn Carlson Company
Co-production | Théâtre de Rungis
With the help of the city of Mons-en-Baroeul and CDCN Atelier de Paris

The term “synchronicity” was coined by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who became convinced in conception applied to universal phenomena of a continual creativity.  That lead him to a concept which holds events as "meaningful coincidences" that eventually formulates our destiny.

With “Crossroads to Synchronicity” choreographer Carolyn Carlson revisits Jung’s “Synchronicity”, challenging the entrenched assumptions of mainstream modern culture, and invites us to revise our understanding of science, religion, and the relationship between the individual and society. But importantly the dramaturgy of this show is based on the same logic and principle where dance questions the magic of probabilities.


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